How can you improve the power
output of your wind turbines?

Best Blades is a new technology to make your wind turbines more efficient.

The retrofit solution is simple and effective:

  • An optimized flatback airfoil at the root increases the aerodynamic lift
  • The new winglet at the tip reduces aerodynamic drag and avoids vortex
  • A connection of both components with a passive boundary layer control system results  in a power curve improvement of 8 – 15 %


Your Benefits

  • Increase of annual energy production
  • Especially for low wind sites
  • Reduced noise emission
  • Optimized lightning protection
  • Optimized drainage
  • No additional maintenance
Profit - Englisch

Proven product

Real data – real improvement

1.3 MW stall regulated turbine

2.5 MW pitch regulated turbine


Passive boundary layer suction

Improved lift coefficient and airfoil stall behavior

Simulated, tested, proven

Boundary layer control system

Boundary layer control: off

Boundary layer control system

Boundary layer control: on








Wind tunnel test


How much is the performance increase?

Stall up to 15 %, pitch up to 8 % (calculated and proven by real field test turbines). The power improvement in the partial load range is variable from WTG to WTG. Your turbine can be individually calculated. Please contact us.


Does Best Blades change the overall loads?

The rater power remains the same. The optimization takes place in the partial load range below rated power.


What about acoustics?

Best Blades uses integrated noise reducing serrations at the tip.


Are there any electrical components used?

Best Blades works completely passive without motors or pumps. A simple check within the 2-year blade inspection is good enough for maintenance.


Is a modification possible for my wind turbine?

The system is completely retrofittable for every type of wind turbine.



All parts are made of standard glass fibre reinforced plastics.


Is the lightning protection and drainage system influenced?

A new state of the art lightning receptor and drain hole design can help to avoid lightning damages.


How much does it cost?

Please contact us for your individual offer.


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